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Drones in Construction


Posted on January 25th, 2024

Drones in construction.

For many construction companies, drones are just as valuable an asset as traditional tools and machinery on the jobsite.

Learn about the use of drones in construction and see how your business can apply drone technology to improve accuracy, save time, and cut costs.

The rise of drones in construction

In construction, drones have been steadily rising in popularity over the past few decades. In 2018, DroneDeploy reported that the use of drones in construction had grown 239% that year, more than any other industry.

Current statistics reflect a continuation of that growth. The International Market Analysis Research and Consulting Group reports that the global construction drone market size reached $5,335M in 2022, and projects the market will reach $11,959M by 2028.

How do drones benefit construction companies?

Using construction drones to survey the jobsite and collect data has many advantages over manual methods. With drones, businesses can typically improve operations in several different ways.

Here are the main benefits of drones in construction.

Get more accurate data 

Photogrammetry, the practice of using visual data to automatically create maps and measure distances, is often more accurate than a traditional construction survey. through photogrammetry, drones significantly reduce the frequency of miscalculations due to human error.

Reduce risk

Drones replace the need for workers to physically conduct surveys and safety inspections in high-risk areas like rooftops or tight spaces. With drones, construction companies can preemptively identify risks and properly prepare before employees are placed in dangerous situations. 

Save time

Drone surveys and inspections are highly efficient. Drones allow construction businesses to more quickly collect and analyze vital data before moving to the next stage of construction, keeping projects on schedule.

Reduce costs

Along with saving time, drones can reduce the overall cost of a project, preventing disputes with reliable data and replacing the need to hire additional workers for survey and inspection related tasks.

Fairly resolve disputes

Beyond surveying, drones can be used to monitor the jobsite as the project progresses. With a detailed visual record of what the jobsite looked like each day, it’s easier to fairly resolve disputes and determine responsibility for delays and errors. 

How are drones used in construction?

Drones are used on construction sites to complete a variety of different tasks. The following are the most common drone applications in construction.

Site survey

Paired with analytical software, drone construction surveys provide higher quality data faster than traditional survey methods.

Using photogrammetry, drones are used to calculate measurements and create accurate maps of the jobsite with minimal downtime.

Remote progress monitoring

Some construction companies use drones to remotely monitor jobsite progress. Drone footage gives offsite stakeholders clear visibility and is especially useful when managing multiple large-scale projects at the same time. 

Safety monitoring

Drones help construction companies identify safety risks and monitor compliance. Safety managers can see whether or not their crews are following protocols and properly wearing their personal protective equipment (PPE).

Quality monitoring 

When equipped with special equipment like thermal imaging sensors, drones reveal hidden quality issues like leaks or electrical problems that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Site security

Like stationary security cameras, drones can be used to discourage theft and other criminal activity or help identify perpetrators in the event a crime does occur.

Construction drones can also be used to quickly locate costly assets like heavy equipment and machinery.

Project photography 

Drone footage can also be utilized for marketing and customer engagement. 

Aerial photos and videos of a finished project are a popular way to advertise a construction business that shows off your capabilities in full detail. 

Raken + DroneDeploy - A powerful integration

If you have multiple complex projects to manage, a construction drone program can be a worthwhile investment for your business—especially when used alongside Raken’s all-in-one field management software.

Raken’s easy-to-use reporting and production tracking tools integrate seamlessly with DroneDeploy’s reality capture software. Raken + DroneDeploy:

  • Provide an accurate view of the jobsite

  • Help document progress from every angle

  • Reduce errors due to manual data entry

Get Raken + DroneDeploy to keep all your important project info—and all your visual data—in the same place.

Get better jobsite visibility

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