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DroneDeploy + Raken.

DroneDeploy + Raken Integration

See DroneDeploy views in Raken

Easily access DroneDeploy’s reality capture visual data right alongside all your important project assets in Raken.

Drone Deploy integration in Raken.

Schedule Integration Demo

The ultimate pairing for jobsite visibility

With Raken, your team can collect detailed field data quickly. With DroneDeploy, you’ll gain a birds-eye view of every angle on the jobsite.

Together, they'll show you project progress in picture-perfect detail.

Reports icon.

Collect project data and reports in Raken

Quickly collect all the info you need to accurately assess progress, shared in real time.

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Get clear jobsite visuals using DroneDeploy

Capture the jobsite from the air or the ground, with automatic data analysis.

Reduce risk and stay on track

Ditch the guesswork and monitor projects from the field or office with detailed insights.

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