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Catch up on all the latest construction tips, news, and updates.

construction workers using laptop on jobsite.

Using Data to Streamline Construction Project Management

Today’s project managers have a wide variety of construction technology solutions at their disposal to help collect and assess critical information from the field. If your...

person pointing at something on laptop screen.

Types of Construction Disputes and How to Avoid Them

Disputes are a common occurrence in construction, and many businesses spend a significant amount of time and resources on litigation each year. In 2020, construction companies...

three construction workers walking on jobsite.

How Communication Improves Productivity in Construction

For many types of businesses, good communication is essential to success. This is especially true in the construction industry, where the quality and consistency of information...

stack of lumber on construction site.

Solving Supply Management Issues in Construction

In 2022, global research firm BSI released a supply chain risk insights report describing how new export and import laws, inflation, climate change, the continuing effects of...

Raken + HoloBuilder.

New Integration: HoloBuilder 360° Jobsite Photos

We’re excited to announce a new integration with HoloBuilder . Mutual customers can now access HoloBuilder’s 360° jobsite photos—with all functionality—directly in your Raken...

Raken Updates
Q3 2022 Product Updates.

Quarterly Update: New Ways to Collaborate and Improve Visibility

This quarter, Raken unveiled our brand new messaging feature and introduced several integrations that save time and improve jobsite visibility. What’s New? 1. Keep project...

Raken Updates
construction phone cases.

The Best Phone Cases for Construction Workers

Just like a hammer or screwdriver, your phone is a valuable tool on the jobsite. Using mobile devices, contractors can access construction management apps and other time-saving...

security sign on fence of construction site.

High-Tech Ways To Combat Construction Site Theft

In 2022, the National Equipment Register reports that the number of jobsite theft incidents has risen steadily over the past five years. During Labor Day weekend alone,...

mobile screenshots of Raken's messaging feature.

Raken Messaging: A New, Faster Way to Collaborate

It’s the end of the workday. Your phone’s been blowing up with emails, phone calls, and texts—but you can’t be bothered sorting through it all. You just want to leave the...

Raken Updates
New Integration: EarthCam & Raken.

New Integration: EarthCam Live Visual Jobsite Data

Jobsite visibility in Raken just got better. Now, EarthCam customers can access live-streaming video and security recordings—directly in the Raken Company Dashboard. EarthCam is...

Raken Updates
Raken & Quickbooks Online.

Streamline Payroll With Raken + QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online helps you manage your project finances and pay your workforce. However, the process for getting accurate data from the jobsite to payroll systems to pay...

Raken Updates
two construction workers on jobsite discussing design problems.

Design Problems Affecting the Construction Industry

Every successful construction project begins with a good design. If mistakes are made during the planning phase of a project, profitability suffers—sometimes drastically if the...

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