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Using Raken Offline


Posted on July 9th, 2024

Using Raken Offline.

Sometimes in construction, you work in remote locations with limited connectivity to the internet. When that’s the case, can you still use Raken?

Learn how Raken’s offline mode works to keep productivity on track from any jobsite.

Raken keeps you connected 

There’s nothing you need to do or turn on to take advantage of offline mode—just use Raken as usual and, even with limited service, you can still update projects and keep stakeholders informed.

Raken’s offline mode ensures you can:

  • Avoid interruption to your workflows when in a location with limited or no cell reception

  • Make sure your most important project updates are captured and shared, regardless of connectivity

How it works

Raken automatically downloads and caches your top 5 projects with the latest activity to your mobile device. This means even without the internet, you can access and update all your project data. The data you add in offline mode will be shared with other stakeholders as normal once service is available.  

We’re always exploring ways to further improve offline mode—like reviewing upload queues and bandwidth and signal requirements—to make sure you always have access to the tools you need on the jobsite, no matter how remote your location. 

Customize your settings

Raken offline preference settings.

There may be more critical projects or projects with no or little internet access that should be cached. You can choose to customize which projects are prioritized in offline mode by customizing your settings.

To customize your offline mode settings:

  • Log into our mobile app and tap Account from the bottom menu

  • Select Offline preferences 

  • Select Store specific projects to choose which projects download based on criticality or reception onsite

  • Use the Refresh cache button to clear your stored data

Learn more about offline mode >

New to Raken?

Let us show you how our easy-to-use app will simplify your field management workflows, on or offline.

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