How to Reduce Paperwork in Construction with Digital Documentation

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Historically, construction has always used pen and paper. Daily reports, toolbox talks, checklists...paper is used for pretty much everything. However, shifting away from paperwork (and reducing your carbon footprint) can make your projects even better.

Here’s how going paperless can help your construction business, and the planet, thrive.

Take the paper out of work.

According to STACK’s 2020 Preconstruction Report, 26% of nearly 1,000 construction companies use pen and paper to manage their projects. That number is gradually decreasing every year. However, the amount of physical paperwork in the industry isn’t something to shy away from.

Paper documentation can actually cost your team more time and money than you’d think. Think of all the time spent printing out materials and sending them to the field. The time spent filling out daily reports and time cards by hand (and, sometimes even relying on memory to fill in the blanks.) Then, manually entering all that field data back at the office? Paperwork just isn’t efficient.

Paper documents aren’t easy to track on a busy jobsite, either. Lost documents means inaccurate reporting, which can cost your construction company in more ways than one—especially in the case of litigation or a dispute.

You need to be able to protect your business. That’s why it’s important to have a solid documentation system in place, and construction technology makes it easy.

Less papers, more efficiency.

When it comes to an established industry like construction, change can be hard. But there are many reasons why investing in technology is a good thing.

With less paper (and more tech):

  • Your crews save time on daily reports, checklists, and more.
  • You get more accurate field data—and better jobsite visibility.
  • You can easily store and find your documentation in one place.


Last year, Raken customers completed 2.2 million digital daily reports. That’s a lot of time, money, and trees saved. Plus, all their important documents are stored online for quick access. With more project visibility, construction companies can make better, faster decisions to improve their processes. That means increased efficiency and compliance.

Reducing your paperwork? Good for the earth. Good for your business.

Go paperless with Raken today.

Raken’s construction software streamlines communication with the field. From the mobile app, crews can upload progress updates and attach any photos or notes. Then, you’ll receive all that data in nicely organized reports. No paperwork necessary.

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