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The Evolution of Construction Technology Through the Years


Posted on December 22nd, 2022

The Evolution of Construction Technology.

Construction has existed as an industry for as long as humans have sought shelter from the elements. It didn’t take long before humans aspired to grander visions, though, as evidenced by ancient archaeology and legends.

As buildings grew increasingly larger, the need for better communication arose. In fact, one ancient legend about a failed construction project, the Tower of Babel, attributes failure to a breakdown in communication. However, many ancient buildings still exist to this day, and are regarded as impressive feats of human ingenuity by archaeologists and architects alike.

The invention of paper

Ever since papyrus was first used as a means for written communication in ancient Egypt, pen and paper has been the primary method of communication not only for literature and religious texts, but for construction and project management as well.

Some of these ancient documents still exist today, like the Plan of St. Gall, which was used as a blueprint for a medieval monastery.

However, the concept of a “paper trail” for construction projects is a relatively new one, having only become standard practice in the last two centuries when traditional paper and mass printing became more widespread.

The 20th century

In 1964, the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system was invented by IBM. This program was primarily used as a way to manage construction projects, though it later expanded to include other industries, like construction as well.

By 1990, this had evolved into enterprise resource planning (ERP), a more comprehensive technology that was tailored to the now widely-available personal computer.

However, these systems could sometimes prove cumbersome for construction projects, and lacked the versatility that the ever-changing nature of the worksite required.


As computer technology has evolved to be more convenient and mobile-friendly, project management software has changed as well. Modern technology, like Raken’s construction app for iPhone, iPad, and Android is easier to use and more tailored to the specific needs of the construction industry.

Our app allows users to complete and send construction daily reports directly from the field much faster than pen and paper or individual spreadsheets. Users can also attach photos and videos for more comprehensive reports and better communication.

The technology used to support construction projects has changed significantly over the years. Experience the best that modern advancements have to offer with the convenience of Raken’s app.

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