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How to Manage Worker Time in Raken


Posted on November 9th, 2023

How to manage worker time in Raken.

Raken makes payroll a quick and easy process.

This guide will introduce our three flexible time entry options. We'll show you how to save time, reduce buddy punching, and turn hours tracked into actionable production insights.

Easy field time tracking

Raken offers three easy-to-use ways to accurately log hours worked. Choose the method that works best for your business, or combine options for a customized solution.

Time clock

Raken's worker time clock.

With our mobile time clock, workers can track and approve their own time using their mobile devices.

How it works

  1. An admin invites workers to download Raken

  2. Each worker clocks in, tracks breaks, and clocks out on their phone or tablet

  3. The office verifies worker hours and location with GPS

Why you should use it

  • Quickly identify violations

  • Prevent time theft and buddy punching

  • Save time for foremen and  supervisors 

How to start using Raken’s time clock >


Raken's kiosk time clock.

Raken’s kiosk mode turns a company phone or tablet into a shared time clock.

How it works

  1. An admin enables kiosk mode on a company or project level

  2. In the field, kiosk mode is activated on a company device with location tracking

  3. Workers clock in and out as needed

Why you should use it

  • Use a traditional-style time clock with the benefits of digital data

  • Manage the way workers clock in and out in a central location

  • Save time for foremen and supervisors

How to set up Raken’s kiosk mode >

Time cards

Raken construction time cards.

Faster than pen and paper, our digital time cards give supervisors control over their crews’ timesheets.

How it works

  1. An admin adds workers to Raken individually or in bulk

  2. Each day, a supervisor creates digital time cards for their crew or individual workers

Why you should use it

  • Give supervisors oversight of all tracked time

  • Let workers focus on project tasks

How to use time cards in Raken >

Fast, error-proof approvals

Raken reduces payroll disputes and helps you process payroll faster, getting your team paid on time every pay period.

Approving timesheets

Raken construction timesheets.

No matter which time entry option you use, all time data is shared instantly with the office.

Payroll admins can quickly review, edit, and approve timesheets at a glance.

Raken timesheets:

  • Show a detailed view of hours worked (including pay type, cost codes, and classifications)

  • Allow for automated approval workflows

  • Reduce payroll errors and processing time

  • Provide more visibility and protection against unapproved changes

Learn about timesheet locking and approvals >


Raken accounting integrations.

Raken integrates with the industry’s most popular accounting software options. Our time tracking features connect seamlessly with Foundation, Sage 100, QuickBooks Online, and more, to eliminate duplicate data entry.

Learn more about our accounting integrations >

What other users say

Raken has significantly reduced the time needed to put together and process payroll. Prior to Raken, it was extremely time-consuming to track down and receive time cards across various delivery methods. Raken has made time card submission consistent and uniform.

Read the case study >

Detailed insights 

Time tracked in Raken goes beyond payroll. All time data is automatically translated into actionable production insights. 

Raken makes the most of the data your team collects from the field by automatically combining material use and hours recorded to calculate efficiency rates and projected time to completion based on your project's production budget.

See how projects are performing against estimates in real time. 

How to set up production insights >

Some features may not be available with your plan—check with our customer success team for more details.

New to Raken?

If you want to see the benefits of time tracking from Raken in action, contact our sales team or schedule a personalized demo.

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