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How Raken + Deltek ComputerEase Save Valuable Time for D.L. Henricksen

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Founded in 1948, D.L. Henricksen was built on the value of expert craftsmanship. The Washington-based contractor provides a wide variety of services to the building industry, specializing in stucco and plaster systems as well as custom framing and drywall. From historical renovations to new construction, they handle every project with artistry and skill.

The problem: Too many time cards

When it was time to process payroll Peggy Young, the Payroll Administrator at D.L. Henricksen, had to collect time cards from multiple sources in many different formats. Organizing all that data and preparing it for Superintendent approval took hours each week. As the company scaled up, the process quickly became unmanageable.

The Solution: Consolidated time tracking with Raken and Deltek ComputerEase

With the Deltek ComputerEase and Raken integration, employees and subcontractors submit time cards through the easy-to-use digital app, and all the information is automatically shared with the office in real-time via cloud storage.

Streamlining the collection and processing of time

D.L. Henricksen's time cards were being submitted in a multitude of ways—some were pictures of time cards submitted via email, and some were tracked in excel. Others were logged on pen and paper and photocopied or dropped off directly at the office.

Peggy knew they needed a more efficient solution. “We were looking for something that would be easy for the field to use and compatible with our accounting system, so that there wasn’t duplicate data entry,” she says.

Impressed by the seamless integration with ComputerEase, D.L. Henricksen turned to Raken.

Now, thanks to the integration, Peggy can focus on reviewing and processing rather than tracking down time card information. Having all their payroll data organized in one place is a huge benefit for her and the company.

Take it from Peggy herself: “Raken has significantly reduced the time needed to put together and process payroll. Prior to Raken, it was extremely time-consuming to track down and receive time cards across various delivery methods,” she says. “Raken has made time card submission consistent and uniform.”

Committed customer service

One of Peggy's favorite things about working with Raken is the level of support D.L. Henricksen receives.

When an employee of theirs needed help with the app, the Raken Customer Success team contacted her and walked her through the issue within 10 minutes. “The response time from Raken has been really great,” says Peggy.

Enhanced daily reporting

The D.L. Henricksen field team has also been exploring Raken’s daily reporting features, using the app to digitally complete reports and attach jobsite photos. Our daily reporting tools are just as easy to use as our time cards, further reducing communication errors and improving project visibility.

Peggy and her colleagues have found that Raken is the perfect fit for their growing business. The app has helped them transition from old-fashioned pen and paper to more modern systems for tracking time and reporting progress.

Process payroll faster with Raken and ComputerEase

Raken’s integration with ComputerEase helps D.L. Henricksen processes payroll faster, easier, and more accurately. Looking for an easier way to run payroll? Learn more about Deltek ComputerEase. And if you’re interested to learn how Raken can improve time card collection at your construction company, schedule a demo of our easy-to-use, time-saving features today.

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