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New Feature

Time Clock

Get fast, easy, accurate time tracking for workers on their mobile devices.

  • Reduce inaccurate time entry

  • Prevent time theft

  • Free up foremen and supervisors

Time clock is the latest feature in our time tracking solutions, which include kiosk mode and supervisor-created time cards.

See it in action

How it works

Invite workers to download our mobile time clock and accurately log work hours and
approve timesheets with a tap.


Field time entry

Each worker can:

  1. Clock in, log breaks, and clock out on their individual mobile device

  2. Select projects, cost codes, and add notes

  3. Approve timesheets directly in app

  4. Set custom notification reminders


Office oversight

The office is able to:

  1. Verify worker location and hours with GPS 

  2. Approve time cards and ensure payroll accuracy

  3. Identify violations

  4. Gain detailed production insights

  5. Integrate Raken with your accounting software

Make time entry painless—and more profitable

money icon.

Expedite the payroll process

hardhat icon.

Save time for foremen and supervisors

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Streamline your tech stack

Everything you need for field management

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