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How Subcontractors Can Improve Field Communication with Technology

Subcontractors face unique challenges when it comes to project efficiency. Learn how to make everyday processes quicker and easier—and improve overall productivity.

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1. Field communication challenges

Subcontractors rely on communication to track the progress and productivity of projects.

Unfortunately, communication challenges can keep things from running smoothly. Here are a few examples of ways communication can be slowed:

  • Paperwork and manual entry

  • Missing/incomplete documentation

  • No central data storage

Our advice? Invest in a construction management software for subcontractors. The right software streamlines workflows and communication—which means you're less likely to experience the above communication challenges.

2. Subcontractors and construction tech

For subcontractors, construction technology can greatly improve safety and production. These are some examples of everyday processes that can be tracked and completed digitally:

  • Daily reports

  • Time cards

  • Equipment and material logs

  • Safety and quality checklists

  • Toolbox talks

By using construction tech to document what matters most, you can track productivity in real time.

Not only is all this information easily shareable (because it's digital), but you'll also have accurate data to work off—allowing you to plan ahead for more profitable projects.

3. How tech improves your field communication

With tech, you can keep data in cloud storage—meaning you can upload and share insights in real time.

Here's how real-time data can improve communication:

  1. Field crews upload project data from their mobile devices

  2. Office teams get timely insights to improve productivity

  3. Outside stakeholders (like clients) get progress updates automatically

Want to know how it helps specific teams? Take a look:

Field crews

Tech—especially mobile apps—can make documenting data quick and easy for field crews. With the right technology, it's possible to take pictures, videos, and even voice-to-text notes—all while walking the jobsite.

Office teams

With the elimination of manual data entry, you can count on more accurate data. And because data and reports are automatically uploaded to the cloud, you'll receive all this data in real time.

Outside stakeholders

Tech makes it easy to keep stakeholders up to date on projects. This means greater confidence (and more trust) from your stakeholders for your work—and a stronger reputation and ongoing relationship.

To put it simply, the right construction technology benefits everyone. Look for tech that's easy to use and implement so you can immediately experience the benefits of technology.

4. Streamline your field communication with Raken

Raken tracks all your projects in real time, and all data and field reports are stored on the cloud for better collaboration.

With the Raken mobile contractor app, field crews can complete:

  • Daily reports

  • Time cards

  • Equipment and material logs

  • Safety and quality checklists

  • Toolbox talks

The office sees it all in real time, too.

You can also make collaboration easier on large projects with segmented daily reports. Segmented reports allow you to collect dailies from multiple teams, which can be segmented any way you want.

Some common ways to break up teams is by:

  • Supervisor

  • Shift

  • Location

  • Custom

If you already use construction software, we even integrate with other industry favorites.

Ready to improve your field communication?

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