Construction Labor Management Software

Better leverage your most important resource with our construction workforce management software, featuring:

  • Worker certification tracking
  • A visual Labor Map
  • Geotagging for location tracking

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See what skilled labor is available at a glance

To schedule work efficiently, you need to know where your crew is and what they can do. Use Raken to easily manage workforce qualifications and see who’s closest to your projects.

How Raken’s construction labor management tools work

1. Assign worker certifications

From our web app, admins and managers assign certifications to individual team members. Upload the certification, add attachments like a photo or copy of documentation, and enter the expiration date.

2. View your Labor Map

Access your Labor Map to see where each team member is located in relation to your project based on time card data from the past 30 days. Select a worker to view their contact information.

3. Filter results

Use the filter function to show only employees that meet specific criteria. You can filter by certifications, classification, shift, and role.

4. Schedule skilled labor

Use this visibility to schedule work and quickly find qualified employees to address emergencies. You can use the data directly from the map or download the information in a spreadsheet format.

Help your crew work smarter, not harder

In addition to workforce planning, our easy-to-use web and mobile features help save time and standardize communications between the field and office.

Time Cards

Track time accurately

Raken’s digital time cards can be completed with the click or tap of a button. Add unlimited custom cost codes and integrate time card data directly with your preferred accounting software.

Kiosk Mode

Clock in on a single device

Raken’s kiosk mode turns a company phone or tablet into a portable time clock. Breaks and overtime are calculated automatically.

Daily Reports

Gain real-time field insights

Our digital tools standardize the reporting process. Employees and subs complete and submit real-time progress reports—including photos and videos—using mobile data capture.

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