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Construction Timesheet Software & App

Construction timesheets made easy

Review, approve, and lock timesheets all in one place with:

  • Construction timesheet app for crews and individuals

  • Automated approval flows for supervisors and payroll teams

  • More visibility and protection against unapproved changes

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Simplify your construction payroll processing

Eliminate manual reports and weekly emails with an easier way to collect and approve your crews’ timesheets. Process time cards faster with real-time visibility of approval statuses and protection from unapproved changes.

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How our construction timesheet software works

1. Easily collect data from the field

Field crews submit time cards using our mobile app or through Raken Kiosk, our portable time clock feature.

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2. Ensure accurate time with approvals

Permission-based views allow supervisors to review, edit, and approve their crews’ timesheets.

approving timesheets in Raken.

3. Process payroll with confidence

Once approved, timesheets are locked and protected against unapproved changes and last-minute submissions.

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The best timesheet app in the construction business

Process payroll faster and more accurately than ever before.

Streamline all your field workflows with Raken

Ease of use

Our construction timesheet software is intuitive to set up and easy to use for both the field and office. Enter unlimited custom pay codes and assign associated tasks that appear directly on timesheets.

Real-time data

With Raken, all timesheet data is shared via cloud storage. The office can instantly review and approve timesheets as they are uploaded.

Less manual data entry

Less manual data entry means less room for communication errors. Employees get paid correctly on schedule, and all data is stored for easy review if needed.

Happier employees

Field workers are happy to use Raken with less disputes, and the office can focus on new tasks instead of correcting mistakes due to inaccurate or misinterpreted timesheet data.

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