Field-based software, real-time results

With Raken’s construction software, you get:

  • An easy-to-use field mobile app
  • Better jobsite data in real time
  • More visibility to improve projects

Get Started

An easier way to manage jobsites

Field crews use Raken’s mobile app to:

  • Build reports, add notes, and take photos
  • Log production data (like time cards)
  • Document safety measures

Once signed off, access field data from anywhere with:

  • Our web app
  • Automated emails
  • Other construction apps (integrations)

Track jobsite progress in real time on your dashboard with:

  • Safety and quality
  • Productivity
  • Budgeted vs. actual hours

With better communication, you can:

  • Save time
  • Reduce risk
  • Ensure profitability
  • Make more informed decisions

300,000+ projects made more productive with Raken

The amount of time Raken saves our guys really contributes to their quality of life…They can get in, get their daily reports done, and go see their families.

Rich D., Hensel Phelps

Now our data is standardized, so we can compare jobs, see what’s doing better and why, and communicate these facts across the organization.

Todd F., John W. Danforth Company

With two clicks of a button, I’m done with payroll and certified payroll in just a few days. It’s really opened up my time to help out the company’s other needs.

Karina G., Kyne Construction

With Raken, there was no learning curve. We're stone masons, we're not generally known to be really techy guys. And if we can get this technology, anyone can.

Steve H., Stonwerk Custom Masonry

Better workflows for everyone

From the field to the office (and everywhere in between), Raken helps your entire team work more efficiently.

Project Operations

Automate manpower and job progress tracking.

Safety and Risk

Promote jobsite safety with improved documentation.

Field Management

Capture and share critical project updates on the go.


Export digital time card data to streamline payroll.

Owners and Stakeholders

Be notified of any project delays or incidents.

Ready for real-time visibility?

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