The Field…The Office…The Integration

Learn how Raken integrates with Sage 300 CRE to help automate time capture and reduce payroll errors.

This webinar covers:

  • The benefits to an integration between Sage 300 and Raken
  • The value of Raken + Ryvit
  • How Sage 300 customers can automate time capture
  • Ways to streamline payroll process and data collection

Presented by:

Mike Cisar

Marketing Director

Chris Collins

Sr. Product Manager

Nick Pettengill

Construction Specialist

In this free webinar, our Construction Specialist Nick Pettengill joins Mike Cisar and Chris Collins from Ryvit to discuss Raken's seamless integration with Sage 300 CRE accounting software.

We'll highlight the key points of that discussion below.

Digital time tracking vs. traditional methods

Many construction companies are still using pen and paper or complicated spreadsheets to capture data from the field. Field crews must carefully log time worked, and the office spends hours manually entering that information into their accounting software. Not only is this method of reporting time-consuming, it also leads to errors and inconsistencies.

Raken's digital time card application helps automate time tracking and payroll to minimize discrepancies. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, Raken saves time and provides better visibility for all team members.

As Nick explains, "Technology has to be simple, intuitive, and empowering for it to benefit both the field and office."

The benefits of Raken and Sage 300 CRE integration

The main benefit of using Raken to digitally collect time card information and process payroll is improved accuracy. Because it is simple and easy-to-use, our time card software encourages field workers to consistently report detailed time tracking information. And, because that data is automatically shared with the office, there is no room for the common miscommunications that happen with traditional reporting methods.

When you integrate Raken with Sage 300, you improve accuracy even more and save valuable time for your accounting team. Because information is seamlessly shared between Raken and Sage 300, the need for duplicating cost codes, employees, or other data is eliminated.

How Raken works

Raken is a comprehensive construction management app. We offer streamlined solutions for daily reporting, safety checklists, toolbox talks, time cards, and productivity tracking.

With our time card feature, field workers track hours worked to specific tasks using their mobile devices. Time can be tracked individually or by crew, and breaks and lunch can be included as standard blocks of time or customized.

Once all information is collected, it's shared instantly with the office via cloud storage, and timesheets can be easily reviewed and processed.

All data collected through Raken's app is automatically organized into clear progress reports that show exactly how a project is performing. Stakeholders can use the construction office software to view detailed insights to better plan budgets and schedules.

How integration enhances the benefits

Raken partnered Ryvit to integrate our software with Sage 300 CRE, one of the construction industry's most widely-used accounting systems.

The following data is seamlessly shared between Raken and Sage 300:

  • Employees/Workers
  • Classifications
  • Jobs/Projects
  • Cost Codes
  • Approved Timesheets

Without this integration, that information would need to be manually duplicated. Instead, new employees, cost codes, and other data only need to be entered once.

You'll also have all the information you need to process payroll or monitor job progress right at your fingertips. Raken and Sage 300 work together to provide the most complete picture of project health possible.

Improve your payroll process with Raken

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