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2023 Year-End Update: Our Biggest Year Yet


Posted on December 28th, 2023

Raken Recap 2023.

Between releasing more new features than ever before, growing our user base, and winning awards for our software and services, it’s been a record year for Raken.

Thank you to our customers

You’ve been hard at work, using Raken to document project progress and stay safe on the jobsite.

In 2023, Raken users:

  • Created 153.9K projects

  • Signed 2.19M daily reports

  • Logged 725.5K time cards

  • Captured 34.8M jobsite photos

  • Completed 245.1K safety and quality checklists

  • Held 64.4K toolbox talks

  • Sent 17.5K messages

  • Added an average of 25 observations per day

The complete field management platform

We’re always evolving to continue meeting your needs as the all-in-one solution for field management. We added and enhanced several key workflows in 2023 that empower the field to improve office operations and visibility. 

And of course, we didn’t forget ease of use. Our features are built to save time and designed to be user-friendly, so your team is actually excited to use Raken.

Let’s take a look back at our biggest releases in 2023.

Safety and quality management

Raken construction safety software.

With managed checklists, admins can now assign and schedule safety and quality checklists, set up automated email notifications, and track checklist completion.

We also created an observations tool. From the field, workers report positive or negative observations, add photos or videos, and tag a team member or collaborator to address any issues.

View all safety and quality data in clear, organized reports and dashboards to visually track compliance.

Time tracking

Raken construction time clock app.

Our new time clock lets the field quickly clock in, log breaks, and clock out on their mobile devices. The office can verify worker hours and location with GPS tracking, eliminating time theft and reducing payroll errors.

Time clock joins time cards and Raken’s kiosk mode as one of our three flexible time entry options. Whether you prefer to have supervisors or the field enter time, Raken meets all your time tracking needs.

We’ve also made time tracking workflow improvements in 2023, including simplified cost code search and entry.

Document management

Raken construction forms software.

Now, our customers can digitize their company and government-required forms and documents with digital forms in Raken.

Upload documents individually or in bulk, complete forms and easily share, download, edit, and duplicate on web or mobile.

Workforce management

Raken construction labor map.

Better manage your most important resource—your workers—with Raken’s new workforce management tools.

You can track worker certifications, see where each worker last clocked in on our visual labor map, and make more informed scheduling and hiring decisions.

Daily reporting improvements 

Get better visibility and shareability with our newest daily reporting upgrades. 

We enhanced our photo capture features with improved camera functionality and an easier-to-use photo gallery search. 

We also added new email templates with a clean, professional design, so you can put your best foot forward when sharing reports and information from Raken.

Insights and reporting

We have brand new safety and quality dashboards, so you can track compliance and identify common issues at the project or company level.

Data captured using any of our new features and enhancements is automatically included in your Raken insights and reporting. 

General ease of use workflow improvements

Raken looks and performs better than ever, with a redesigned user interface for both web and mobile.

On mobile, we enhanced the calendar view and improved navigation and readability. 

In our web portal, you’ll find better organization for project settings and more streamlined menus.

Now, the tools and info you need each day are even easier to access in Raken.

Enhanced Egnyte Integration

We’ve enhanced our integration with Egnyte’s secure data management software for better organization and accessibility. 

Stay tuned for more integrations coming soon.

See all our features >

Growing our business

This year, we’ve grown in more ways than one.

On top of all our new releases, we’ve also significantly grown our user base. 

We’re proud to have been honored for our company, products, and customer service. Some of the awards we’ve won this year include:

  • 2023 Inc. 5000

  • Stevie Award for Customer Service

  • Top Workplaces 2023

  • San Diego’s Best and Brightest

While we’re embracing new processes, we’re still focused on our original mission: Helping our customers succeed and making a positive impact in the construction industry.

Learn more about Raken >

Make 2024 your best year ever

See how your business can grow with Raken.

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