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3 Things We Learned from STACK's Preconstruction Report


Posted on March 31st, 2021

Stack 1st Annual Preconstruction Technology Report book.

How does software continue to impact the construction industry (for the better)? We partnered with our friends at STACK Construction Technologies to find out.

Industry insights from nearly 1,000 construction professionals.

Stack's 2020 company type report infographic.

Credit: STACK

In late 2020, STACK conducted a survey to learn more about preconstruction technology trends.

Nearly 1,000 construction industry professionals shared their thoughts on things like:

  • How they use (and view) construction technology

  • What impacts they’ve seen from tech usage

  • Obstacles to adopting new software

Here’s what we learned…

Most companies don’t use project management software.

Stack's 2020 construction technlogy survey infographic.

Credit: STACK

When it comes to project management, most companies don’t use any software or technology.

In fact, 56% use spreadsheets to track their projects. 26% use pen and paper.

However, more and more people are seeing the benefits of using construction technology. Easy-to-use platforms (like Raken) let you digitally manage your projects, even when you’re off-site. That way, you can keep an accurate record of your team’s progress. Remote updates also help you minimize physical contact—and make sure your teams stay safe with social distancing.

...But companies see construction tech as an opportunity to grow.

Stack's 2020 software opinion survey infographic.

Credit: STACK

Although not all companies use construction apps (yet)...those who do, use them together.

51.7% of companies say they use 1–2 construction software apps at a time. 29.2% use 3–5 apps.

Why? Because construction professionals see technology as an opportunity to grow.

Of all respondents, 76.7% say software gives their company a strategic advantage. Point solutions, for example, specifically target one of your needs to save you time—on and off the jobsite. Building a tech stack to streamline all workflows (from reporting to safety) allows companies to create even more efficiencies and improve processes.

Improve your workflows (and communication) with Raken.

Raken’s easy-to-use platform helps you collect clean field data for better insights.

We made Raken easy to integrate with, too. That way, you can get the most of all your software—without having to manually re-enter everything from the field.

Schedule a personalized demo to see how Raken can work for you. Then, try it for free.

To see all the industry insights and findings, check out STACK’s full preconstruction technology report.

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