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New Feature: Improve Safety & Quality Documentation With Checklists


Posted on October 23rd, 2020

construction worker using construction checklist app.

It’s safe to say that most people don’t enjoy paperwork. And the reality for most construction companies is the more steps someone has to take to document something, the more likely they are to just skip it altogether. Our new digital Checklists feature helps you eliminate manual entry and get better safety and quality documentation, faster.

Why we built this

This scenario might seem familiar: The office sends a form, the field team prints it out, completes it, scans it, and sends it back. For every single form. That’s a lot of effort just to have a completed copy on record. Our new, easy-to-use checklists make it easy for your team to complete and capture crucial safety and quality protocols across every project. Instead of scrolling through templates that don’t apply to you or having to switch apps, now you can access custom construction templates directly in Raken.

Infographic showing before and after using Raken checklists.

With Raken Checklists, you can:

  • Digitize your inspection lists and processes

  • Ensure COVID-19 protocol compliance

  • Improve internal communication and documentation

What we built

We’ve included some templates that you can start using right away for the most common industry workflows—including some around COVID-19. You also have the ability to customize and create checklist templates to fit your specific needs. For each checklist, you can choose from three different types of questions: Yes/No, Checkbox, Text (with more coming soon).

Here’s how it works:

  1. In the office, the template is created or selected on Raken for desktop.

  2. Field teams can easily select the checklist and fill out all the questions using the mobile app. They can also attach photos to any questions.

  3. Once the checklist is complete, it can be signed and submitted.

  4. Completed checklists are stored in Raken, ready to be viewed and downloaded on either the mobile or web app.

  5. You can see all your completed checklists for every project from the Company tab in the web app.

Screenshots of checklists feature in Raken app.

Ready to see how this new feature can work for you? Schedule a personalized demo.

How it helps you build


By making it painless for your crews to complete and document their proactive safety measures, you’re able to foster a culture of safety and improve your compliance efforts—without wasting additional time or resources. (Read more about our construction safety management software.)


Your field teams can quickly document all your inspections and quality audits so you know what’s going on in real time. The faster you receive updates, the earlier you can spot and mitigate any potential issues. (Read more about our construction quality management software.)

Say goodbye to inefficient processes

With a quicker, easier way to create and complete checklists, your workflows become more efficient and streamlined. Plus, everything is stored and accessible in one single location, so you won’t have to search to find the forms you need.

This new feature is included in our Performance plan. If you're already a Raken Performance user, check out this support article to get started building your first template.

If you’re a Basic or Pro user or new to Raken, watch this video to learn more about Checklists and set up a demo.

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