Best Construction Apps to Watch in 2021

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the best construction apps to watch in 2021

With a new year comes new opportunities to evaluate and improve your processes. The year 2020 highlighted the increased importance of finding digital, low-touch solutions in the construction industry—and because of this, companies were forced to pivot and adopt more cloud based construction solutions. While the global pandemic brought this change to light, the industry’s embracing of technology for digital construction management likely isn’t going away anytime soon.

At Raken, we know what it takes to create effective construction project management software. Our award-winning platform makes it easy for your field teams to collect and (document) project data from their mobile devices, and makes it easy to send updates back to the office via email or digitally in real time. Using the field app, your teams can complete daily reports, store photos and attachments, complete time cards, manage safety training, and track production directly from the job site—giving you all the project information you need, without having to chase it down.

Selecting the best construction app and software

Just like any tool in your toolbelt, the best construction apps can help you get the insights you need, faster. While it may seem tempting to find an all-in-one solution that promises everything but the kitchen sink, we’ve seen that many construction companies are finding more success by building an efficient tech stack with a variety of top best-in-breed construction apps instead. In other words, one construction app won’t cut it.

To help with your search in the sea of construction apps, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite emerging construction technologies and apps. This list can help strengthen your tech stack and streamline your processes—as well as save you time and money.

5 great apps for construction to keep on your radar in 2021

structionsite construction software


Reality Capture Software

StructionSite gives you the ability to walk the construction site remotely, at any time. Their platform offers intelligent project tracking that combines cameras and artificial intelligence to track installed work—and back it all up with a photographic record. Use the mobile app to attach 360-degree spherical photos or directional photos to your floor plans. Then, share your digital job site with anyone on the project so they can add and respond to notes in real time. Using their x-ray functionality, owners can even see through walls and slabs, so they know where the backing, electrical, rebar, and PT cable are located.

Bosch Bluehound construction assset management app

Bosch Bluehound

Asset Management Software

Bosch Bluehound is a Bluetooth® tag-based system that can be applied to virtually any asset in your inventory. Register tools, job boxes, vehicles, and more, and actively manage them as stock using their mobile app and web platform. Bluehound gives users an easy way to know when work equipment was last seen and which employees were responsible, as well as an overview of your inventory. You can ensure that all assigned tools are available, borrow or lend tools, and inform all your team members of any defective or missing work equipment—straight from your mobile device. Plus, their automatic driver reminder feature reminds you of any work equipment that was forgotten on the job site.

Aclaimant construction risk management app


Risk Management Software

Aclaimant is designed to enable companies to actively manage risk and understand its power. Their features bring loss prevention, incident management, and analytics into one connected platform (including a mobile app and web interface). With simplified incident intake, team members can create an incident or claim file and ensure it’s handled efficiently and thoroughly. Aclaimant helps companies increase their safety compliance and reporting with easy-to-use dashboards and analytics. From automatically completed OSHA forms to return-to-work schedules, users can quickly manage claims and files—while keeping safety documentation organized and easy to find.

Versatile construction AI app


Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Versatile is an artificial intelligence company focused on the future of construction technology. Their CraneView® device measures thousands of data points—load, weight, motion, rigging, unrigging, material, location, tasks and idle times—which display instantly in their mobile app. From link to hook, the load-bearing assembly is a fully certified, under-the-hook lifting accessory providing the same weight capacity as the crane it is used on. Whether on site or managing remotely, their tool gives you real-time insights specific to your job site that power smart decisions about improving productivity, efficiency, and safety.

Planhub construction project management app


Bid / Project Management Software

PlanHub is a bid management app that facilitates and simplifies the bidding process during the pre-construction phase of construction projects to help companies save time and post projects for bids. PlanHub's online plan room and construction bidding software allows easy communication between subcontractors and general contractors. It's a free way for general contractors to share project files, communicate with multiple subcontractors at once, and receive bids to get their proposal together. PlanHub is entirely cloud based, meaning you can access your project files from anywhere.

Other software for construction that made the list

These next two aren’t technically considered apps, but they’re great construction technology solutions and companies that we think are worth a share.

Levelset construction payments app


Payment Software

When the work on a construction project is complete, the last thing your team should be doing is spending time to track down money. Levelset's software helps contractors and suppliers get paid faster with less surprises. Contractors and suppliers connect on Levelset’s cloud based platform to make payment processes stress-free, facilitating smooth payments and more successful projects. Users can easily exchange payment documents like lien waivers, pay applications, and preliminary notices. They can quickly see a complete picture of who is on their job, and are empowered with the resources and knowledge they need to be confident in payment.

Canvas construction robotics app



Canvas is a construction robotics company who has reinvented drywall finishing to give your projects better outcomes. By turning a variable process into an exact science, they help companies have more control over the schedule—making the work safer and making it easier than ever to produce beautiful walls, every time. Canvas looks towards the future of the construction industry with an innovative solution that helps put robots into the hands of skilled workers.

Finding the best construction apps for you and your team

When evaluating a new software and its features, the best solutions are the ones that allow your business to save time, share information, and streamline your construction management processes. Embracing technology can help make sure your team is always performing at its best, without sacrificing any valuable time or extra resources. By eliminating manual processes and finding the tools that solve a specific need, you can strengthen your efficiency and get more work done quickly. This list is only the beginning, but we look forward to another year of innovation and inventive cloud based solutions in the world of construction.

Ready for better construction project management software?

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