Collect Multiple Signatures with Newly Enhanced Checklists

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Our checklists are constantly evolving to meet the many needs on your jobsite.

Today, we’re excited to launch our latest checklist enhancement: multi-signatures.

Multiple signatures, one checklist.

Multi-signature is a new checklist answer type that lets you collect multiple signatures in one digital document. That way, you can better customize your checklists to get the info you need.

We recommend using this new enhancement for:

  • Sign-in sheets
  • Dual/multi-party signoff
  • Worker signoff for JHA, AHA, JSA, etc.

sheets

Have visitors? Need to capture worker attendance? With multi-signature, you can easily track who goes on and off the jobsite in one place.


Dual/multi-party signoff

Sometimes, your checklist needs approval from more than one person—like an owner, inspector, GC, or PM. Now, you can pass them your device to collect their signature before signing off.

Worker signoff for JHA, AHA, JSA, etc.

Some checklists (like analysis forms) also have a signoff component. A signature response type lets you add a signature section to the middle or end of your checklist, so you can maintain compliance.

Want to learn more? Read our support article for getting started with checklists.

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