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Explore Raken’s New Labor Management Tools


Posted on April 17th, 2023

Raken's labor management features.

Better leverage your most important resource—your workforce—with Raken’s new labor management tools.

Track employee certifications

screenshot of Raken's certifications dashboard.

Admins can now use Raken’s web app to upload team member certifications and track what skilled labor is available.

Assign certifications (like Forklift Operation or OSHA 10) to each team member, add attachments (including a photo or copy of the certificate), and note the expiration date.

You'll gain better visibility of your team’s capabilities and easily track when their certifications expire.

Distribute skilled labor

screenshot of Raken's labor map.

When you need to schedule skilled labor at a jobsite, use our new Labor Map to see who’s qualified nearby at a glance.

While viewing the Team tab, select the Labor Map using the button in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Use the filter function to show the location of employees that meet your desired criteria.

You can filter by:

  • Classification,

  • Certifications,

  • Shift, and

  • Role

screenshot of labor management filters.

The map shows the location of each qualifying member of your team based on their most recent time cards within the last 30 days. See where each employee is currently located—including their contact information—and use that knowledge to schedule work or address any emergencies efficiently.

You can also export all the Labor Map information to a spreadsheet.

Access our labor management tools

Raken’s certification tools are available to all customers through the web app, and the Labor Map is available for any customers using time cards. Access the Team tab and select a team member to add certifications using the orange button in the right-hand corner.

To view the Labor Map, use the Labor Map button in the Team section. Or, access your Project map via the Projects tab and change the view from “projects” to “employees” using the drop down menu. Check out this support article to get started.

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