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How to Find the Right Construction Project Manager


Posted on April 13th, 2023

How to Find the Right Construction Project Manager.

A lot goes into the successful completion of a construction project. Many factors can affect the outcome, from the equipment being used and workforce hired to weather. That’s why finding a skilled project manager is so important.

The right construction project manager ensures that the project type meets your company’s capacity and capabilities. They plan supply acquisition accordingly. As work progresses, they'll make informed hiring decisions and file accurate, detailed reports.

But where do you find this type of project manager? What should you look for during the hiring process?

In addition to a strong business management background and construction experience, you’ll want someone who has excellent verbal and written communication skills. It would also help if they’re proficient in all of the newest digital technologies for construction so you can make sure your company doesn’t fall behind the competition.

Find someone with hands-on experience

You can’t expect someone to effectively manage a construction site without having hands-on experience in the field.

Not only does ample experience make them more knowledgeable of how a construction jobsite works, but they’ll also be able to command the respect of their fellow workers and make practical decisions about resource allocation and acquisition.

Recruit at colleges

Several colleges offer construction management programs. Many of these programs even offer hands-on training to complement book learning, leading to a more well-rounded education.

In addition to online recruiting sites like Monster or Indeed, you could also consider attending career fairs at colleges that have these programs. Industry-specific organizations may also host job listings, like Associated Builders And Contractors (ABC).

Know what to look for

Before initiating the hiring process, it’s important to know exactly what you need in a construction project manager. Be upfront about what you expect from candidates, including educational training and work experience.

When interviewing candidates, ask specific questions, such as:

  • What skills do you think are important for construction project management?

  • What skills will you bring to our projects?

  • What are some past construction projects you’ve worked on?

  • What unique skills do you possess that would be useful on a construction site?

You can be flexible on qualifications when it comes to finding the right candidate.

It’s also important to be open-minded to new ideas from candidates, as any good construction firm should be open to new ideas and methods. With the right balance of training and listening, you’re sure to find a candidate who meets (and exceeds) your expectations for the role.

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