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Introducing Raken Academy


Posted on February 6th, 2023

Introducing Raken Academy.

This month, we’ve launched an all new learning platform for our customers.

With Raken Academy, you can now access 33 interactive training courses. Learn how to master Raken and maximize profitability for your business.

Raken Academy.

How it works

Ready to start training? Talk to your customer service rep to get started with Raken Academy.

You can complete the entire program or focus on the features that make the most sense for your job responsibilities.

You’ll receive a certificate of completion for each course you finish—take as many courses as you like and learn at your own pace.

What does Raken Academy cover?

Each course covers a core functionality of our software, including:

  1. Daily reports

  2. Integrations

  3. Payroll

  4. Team management

  5. Production tracking

  6. Document management

  7. Project management

Courses are designed to engage and empower our customers to make the most of our product’s capabilities.

Get started with Raken

If you’re already a Raken customer, reach out to your customer service representative to access Raken Academy.

If you aren’t a customer yet, what are you waiting for? Schedule a demo today to see how our construction management tools will benefit your business.

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