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Keeping Communication Effective on a Construction Jobsite


Posted on February 25th, 2015

construction jobsite.

Many things have improved within our industry in the last decade, from better business practices, to increased safety, more effective equipment, and happier and better trained employees. But there's always room for improvement, and a common complaint across all levels at construction firms is how bad communications are.

And that’s unfortunate, because if there was ever an industry that could benefit from good communication on the job site. Good communication skills within a construction firm just don't make for more satisfying conversations, they can:

  • Ensure better distribution of resources

  • Allow for more collaborative work

  • More effectively keep clients in the loop, leading to fewer misunderstandings

  • Ensure that daily reports are turned in on time, and completed correctly

  • Make sure that important documents are stored and protected appropriately

  • Pass along safety warnings, weather updates, and other notifications quickly

  • Avoid worksite clogs and gridlock

That's quite a list, and there's no doubt that many managers and supervisors could come up with still more items that could be improved upon by being better communicators. So how can this be achieved? By signing all employees up for public speaking courses? That might make for more entertaining toasts at retirement dinners, but that still doesn't solve the real problem underlying construction project communication woes, which is time.

Time to get all parties together for meetings. Time to get employees together for collaborative work. Time to warn the many busy workers on a project about an impending project problem before it becomes an actual one.

As they say, there are never enough hours in a day, and we may never be able to harness time to our satisfaction. But there are now tools to make it a little more achievable, one of which is Raken. Raken is a great software for construction management that allows managers to use mobile devices to:

  • Complete and submit professional looking daily reports

  • Receive and quickly pass along safety warnings and weather updates

  • Work collaboratively on reports and projects, even from different locations

  • Allow clients access to reports and documents, keeping them informed on project status

  • Update and change assignments quickly

One can always be a better communicator. And Raken can help by making projects safer, more efficient, and reducing frustration by enabling real-time construction notifications.

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