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Make Field Data More Accurate With Our Newly Updated Checklists


Posted on January 15th, 2021

screenshot of Raken's required question feature in checklists.

Checklists are a great way to streamline documentation—and keep your workers safe.

We recently released a custom checklist feature to make it easier for companies to document and promote workplace quality and safety measures. And to help make it even more effective, we've added some enhancements.

Better forms, better answers

We’re bringing Checklists up a notch with a couple new features:

  • Mandatory questions

  • Multi-choice answer types

Get the answers you need, every time

With mandatory questions, safety managers can make sure crews provide the most critical answers about projects. (Like anything related to COVID-19.)

Not only does that make field data more reliable, it also holds everyone accountable—and increases trust and transparency among the team. No more chasing down answers or extra back-and-forth.

mandatory and multi-choice checklist questions.

Give them an efficient way to answer

Multi-choice answer types make checklists even easier to complete and customize.

Instead of only having one option per question, office admins can create predefined lists for workers to choose from. That way, crews can enter more accurate answers faster.

Check more boxes in safety and quality

Ready for more compliant, structured data? Performance plan customers can get started with our support article on creating custom checklists.

Watch this Raken Checklists video to learn more about our Checklists feature, or get a demo to see how Checklists can best work for you.

mandatory and multi-choice checklist questions

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