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New Camera Upgrades, Ease of Use Improvements, and More


Posted on May 24th, 2023

New Camera Upgrades, Ease of Use Improvements, and More.

We’ve launched a camera upgrade and several design improvements to help our customers make the most of their field data—while making our top-rated mobile app easier to use than ever before.

What’s new?

We’ve made Raken more functional and intuitive.

4 New Raken Updates.

Upgraded camera functionality

screenshot of Raken camera functionality.

Get best-in-class photo capture tools right in Raken. We’ve added:

  1. Easier control of zoom and flash

  2. Enhanced video controls

  3. Optimized camera features for landscape mode and tablets

Now you can record photos and videos with the same great functionality as your mobile device.

Enhanced mobile user interface and navigation

Raken app mobile UI.

Based on your feedback, we’ve redesigned key sections of our mobile user interface for maximum ease of use. Find all the tools and critical info you need faster.


  1. Improved readability and usability with at-a-glance views of your day's activity and reports

  2. New weekly calendar for easier report access and status

  3. Standardized searching, sorting and filtering

Raken is more streamlined and simpler to navigate.

Clean, more professional email design

Raken email templates screenshot.

Your Raken emails now have a clean, modern look that’s easier to read and share. We’ve upgraded the designs for our report emails (like Daily Reports, Super Dailies, and summaries), notifications (for tasks due, tasks completed, and more), and welcome messages with a more modern layout and subtle branding.

Every email template is optimized for both web and mobile.

Streamlined project settings

Raken web app.

In our web app, build and customize new project settings more easily with intuitive settings groups.

The same great functionality, better than before

We’re always searching for new ways to help our customers better manage projects and improve productivity. Schedule a demo today and see how Raken works for your construction business.

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