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Build Safety Into Each Day with Newly Enhanced Daily Reports


Posted on April 26th, 2021

Raken construction checklist report.

When it comes to jobsite safety, proper documentation is key. But tracking everyone’s safety measures isn’t easy—especially when you have a lot of projects to manage.

With our newly enhanced daily reports, you can see all your safety records in one place.

A new way to view all your safety records.

Before, safety managers had to open up different tabs to view and download safety records in Raken. Spending a few extra minutes every day doing that, though, adds up fast. Your time is better spent analyzing your safety data, not manually gathering it.

Now, you can view all your full-length safety and quality attachments—right from your dailies.

In a daily report’s Attachments section, you’ll find:

  • Toolbox talk attendance sheets

  • Completed toolbox talks

  • Completed safety and quality checklists

From there, you can download your safety documents and store everything together—giving you more visibility in less time.

Toolbox talks and checklists are features included in our Performance plan. For current users, learn how to customize your daily report templates here.

New to Raken? Try our daily reports and safety features for free.

With Raken’s daily reports, you can see your project progress in real time. First, crews log their day from the mobile app. Then, you receive all that field data (plus time-stamped attachments) in a branded PDF for easy viewing.

You’ll also gain access to our construction safety management software features, including digital toolbox talks, customizable construction checklists, and more.

Schedule a demo with us today. It even comes with a free trial.

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