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Quarterly Update: 3 New Features to Increase Jobsite Efficiency


Posted on September 30th, 2021

Q3 Raken Product Updates.

We’re always working on new ways to help you save time and build quality projects. Here’s what’s new from us to make your experience with Raken even better.

What’s the latest from Raken?

Photo gallery on Raken web app.

Photos are a great way to stay updated on projects. And we made them even easier to organize from the office.

What we added: - A new web attachment viewer that lets you add photo descriptions and update file names - An updated look for the web project gallery view

Attachment descriptions are now available in daily reports, summary reports, and checklists. That way, you can see all the important details in one place.

2. A new mobile app home screen

Raken home screen on mobile app.

We redesigned our home screen to help field crews more efficiently track their progress. Now, when they select a project, they’ll see all their reporting tools in one place. (So they can find what they need faster.)

Don’t worry—this new look and feel won’t affect your current field workflows. It just makes Raken's construction app easier to use.

3. A new integration with Deltek + ComputerEase

Raken and Deltek + ComputerEase integration on laptop.

Our new integration with Deltek + ComputerEase helps you streamline payroll by importing time data directly into your accounting system.

How it works: 1. Field crews use Raken’s mobile app to complete time cards. 2. You import your Raken time data into ComputerEase. 3. ComputerEase runs your payroll and gives you more visibility into it.

Say hello to faster, more accurate payroll processing.

What's coming soon?

1. Integration betas: Viewpoint Vista & Sage 300

Powered by Ryvit, our upcoming integrations with Viewpoint Vista and Sage 300 will automate payroll even more. For your teams, that means less manual entry and better, timely data. Both integrations will have a beta, so stay tuned.

2. More robust time tracking

Soon, we’re adding more support for shift tracking on time cards. Choose from custom pay types like travel time, sick time, holiday, and more. Want to try it out early? Contact support to sign up for the beta.

3. Project directory

Updated workflows to invite team members and collaborators? An all-new Project Directory? We’re all in.

4. Enhancements to our Procore integration

We’re powering up our integration, so you can get the most out of your Procore experience.

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