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Quarterly Update: Better, More Detailed Time Tracking and Improved Workflows


Posted on June 30th, 2022

Product Updates Q2 2022.

This quarter, Raken released several enhancements to our time tracking feature to help our customers gain more accurate production insights. We also improved the performance of several key workflows.

What’s New?

1. Add unlimited custom pay types

Raken users can now create an unlimited number of custom pay types for tracking hours worked. The name or abbreviation you use when adding a new pay type to the system will appear on your payroll outputs exactly as you choose.

Using custom pay types that are specific to your business processes, you can track time in the way that provides the utmost clarity for your accounting team.

raken construction time card software screenshot.

2. Track time more granularly than ever before

In addition to custom pay types, we’ve added even more functionality to time cards. Users can customize time tracking to:

  • Log multiple breaks, capturing break name, duration, start, and type

  • Track time by different shifts, adding specific labels (like union worker shift) to every time card

  • Set up default classifications, but attribute individual time card entries to non-default classifications when required

  • Track time with or without cost codes on the same time card

3. Create new overtime rules

For construction companies that work across several service areas with different overtime requirements, we’ve implemented the ability to create custom overtime rules that apply to as many—or as few—projects as you need. Creating new overtime rules is simple and can help you save time setting up new projects.

4. Work more efficiently with a simplified workflow for managing members and collaborators

New updates to our company and project directories help administrators streamline the process of adding and managing team members. Look for:

  • An easier-to-use interface in the Team tab

  • A new member role called Worker

  • A new user interface for managing internal members and external collaborators at the project level

  • A new PDF report featuring the full project directory

Based on feedback, we’ve also simplified workforce management by eliminating project-level workers. All workers are now added at the company level, and each worker can be assigned to any number of projects. This means administrators can now manage all workers from a single list.

Coming Soon

1. Keep communications organized with in-app messaging

Next quarter we’re introducing an exciting new update to our construction management software. Our messaging feature will allow teams to connect directly in our app to streamline project-related communication and cut down on emails and phone calls.

Use Raken messaging to:

  • Organize communications by topic

  • Organize communications by project

  • Send company announcements

  • Create threads

  • Send push notifications

Seamlessly collaborate and keep all project talk in the same place.

2. Integrate Raken with Quickbooks Online

Soon you’ll be able to connect Raken with Quickbooks Online, eliminating the need for manual data entry between systems.

Process payroll faster and easier with this upcoming integration.

3. Integrate Raken with Viewpoint Spectrum

We’re also working on a brand new integration for customers who use Viewpoint Spectrum for payroll. Powered by Ryvit, you’ll be able to transfer time card data seamlessly from Raken to more accurately track productivity and pay employees correctly on time.

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