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Quarterly Update: Improved Safety and Performance Solutions


Posted on October 2nd, 2023

Quarterly Update: Improved Safety and Performance Solutions.

Helping our customers improve safety on the jobsite, protect their workers, and provide high-quality documentation is what we live for at Raken.

Keep reading to discover what we built in Q3 for our customers, and see what we’re working on for the future.

Safety and quality solutions

We’ve optimized our checklists and made them more effective than ever. Now, you can schedule and assign custom checklists and send automated email reminders to ensure they’re completed on time.

Employees can also submit observations on the jobsite when they notice potential safety or quality concerns or to document hard work and project success. Observations can be attached to checklists or added directly in the app—and team members can assign and track the resolution, too.

Finally, to make things even easier, you can now track safety and quality KPIs at a glance with our new dashboards and reporting tools. You’ll be able to quickly analyze trends and identify areas for improvement, further streamlining your operations.

Check out our announcement blog to learn more about our new safety and quality solutions.

observations feature on web and mobile.

Speed and usability enhancements

In addition to adding new features, we’ve continually made improvements to increase app performance and efficiency. Things move fast on the jobsite, so we take pride in providing solutions that are fast, flexible, and reliable. 

Some of our more recent usability improvements included the ability to schedule recurring certification reports for automated sharing, simplified scrolling, and additional summary views for browsing through time cards.

Easier payment options

We’ve updated our billing system to make paying Raken invoices easier and more secure. You don’t have to write physical checks or put your information at risk, and you can reduce errors like lost checks or miscommunications. Plus, with automatic payments, you won’t have to worry about missed payments. 

Read our billing support article to get started.

Coming soon

We’re launching a new way for employees to log work hours and will continue to optimize time tracking, allowing for more details surrounding worker roles and plotting time card events. 

We’ll also be introducing forms to help you further manage your company’s documentation within Raken—streamlining your processes, simplifying sharing, and improving overall productivity.

Want to learn more?

If you’re new to Raken, we’d love to show you how these features work to help construction companies stay within their budget and up-to-date on developments in the field.

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