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Raken Department Spotlight: Engineering


Posted on September 17th, 2021

Meet the Raken Team: Engineering.

We’re turning the spotlight on all the departments at Raken! Up next: Engineering.

infographic of Raken's engineering team fun facts.

Learn more about their role in making our best-in-class product what it is—and the culture and values that fuel them.

The force behind Raken’s digital experience.

Our Engineering team is small but mighty—and the team carries a lot of responsibility when it comes to creating (and improving) our product lines and their functionality. It’s broken up into five functional work groups including web development, mobile development, database and infrastructure, quality engineering, and information technology.

The Engineering department collaborates with other teams to ensure they’re always aligned. They work closely with Product to gain a better direction of what work needs to be done and which features to build. They also work with Customer Success to ensure that the Raken experience fulfills customers’ needs and expectations.

Raken’s Engineering team’s spirit animal is an ant—but the reason may surprise you. The team’s leadership chose an ant because they lift above their weight, swarm problems like they’re a picnic, and they love working together.

How Engineering stays focused and nimble.

Since Engineers spend a lot of time in front of a computer solving problems and writing code, it could be easy for engineers to lose a team mentality. Not to mention the fact that the team works across the world with team members in the U.S., Belarus, Ukraine, and New Zealand. But, like ants, Engineering is always working together to get more done.

Even while remote, Engineering prioritizes regular communication through their daily standup meetings (icebreaker questions included), weekly 1:1 meetings with managers, monthly department meetings, and quarterly technical reviews. More importantly, the team keeps in close contact through Slack, and there is always a team member available for questions.

Their team rally cry is:

  • Execute with purpose

  • Don’t stress

  • Ask for help

  • Better is good

  • Enjoy this team

  • Have fun!

Following these principles, the Engineering team strives to always collaborate, ask for help, and conduct blameless post-incident reviews—cultivating a team dynamic that encourages teamwork and shared learning opportunities.

How Engineering onboards new team members.

Engineering, like the rest of Raken, is a growing department. Introducing new hires to the industry and technical requirements is a must—but passing on their positive work culture is just as important. However, all of this can be difficult when working remotely (and across time zones).

That’s why Engineering pairs each new hire with a team lead who helps guide new hires into their roles. With this type of support and an organized onboarding process, new hires are usually able to successfully start completing tickets within their first sprint to help them feel productive right from the start.

And despite all the space between team members, the team is full of diverse, high caliber talent. The Engineering department at Raken has a unique culture that centers around being committed to success, respectful communication, and finding more great humans to join them.

The heart and soul of Raken’s product.

Did you think engineers weren’t the heart and soul type? On Raken’s Engineering team, you need a little soulful tenacity to keep up with a quickly growing company. Team members are encouraged to speak up and ask questions, and the leadership team meets regularly to discuss the retro action items and ensure each team member’s comments are considered.

Raken is constantly improving and developing at a fast pace—and our Engineering team is forging the way. As the team has grown, they have shifted away from reactively solving problems to proactively developing Raken’s software. This high output team is just getting started, and we can’t wait to see what they build next.

Want to join the Raken team?

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