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Raken Messaging: A New, Faster Way to Collaborate


Posted on September 2nd, 2022

mobile screenshots of Raken's messaging feature.

It’s the end of the workday. Your phone’s been blowing up with emails, phone calls, and texts—but you can’t be bothered sorting through it all. You just want to leave the jobsite (or the office) and unwind after a stressful day.

You just want to: Stop. The. Noise.

Raken Messaging is here to put your team (and inbox) at ease.

Product Video: Raken Messaging.

What is Raken Messaging?

A new, faster way to collaborate. Raken Messaging gives you more control over team communication by keeping it all in one place.

With Raken Messaging, you can:

  • Send direct messages

  • Create group texts and channels

  • Make threads

  • Search back through conversation history

  • Share photos, videos, and files

Coordinating with subcontractors or outside collaborators? Make dedicated spaces for them, too.

Because when everyone’s on the same page, things get done more efficiently.

Screenshot of messaging chat on mobile.

How Messaging improves team collaboration

We’ve all heard the saying “time is money”, and in the construction industry it’s quite literal. Project delays, disputes, and rework can all make contractors go over budget. But with faster communication, you can solve issues in real time and reduce risk—and stress—along the way.

Here are five ways you can use Raken Messaging to help:

1. Post company announcements

Update everyone with a channel for company-wide announcements. With less emails, phone calls, and texts, your team will thank you.

2. Post team announcements

Take it one step further by making an announcement channel for teams, trades, and anything else you need. That way, you can improve coordination effortlessly.

3. Organize communication by project

Have multiple projects? Make different channels for each one. You’ll save your future self a lot of time by keeping project info together.

4. Organize communication by topic

Safety. Scheduling. Equipment. The list goes on. Make it easy to track down answers—and make quick decisions—with dedicated spaces for different topics.

5. Organize internal and external communication

Coordinating with subcontractors or outside collaborators? Create a channel for them and keep all sub updates and files in one place.

Want to learn more about Raken Messaging?

Messaging is available on all our plans. If you're already a Raken customer, read our support article for step-by-step instructions to set it up.

Don’t use Raken yet? Schedule a demo to see this feature in action.

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