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6 New Features for More Efficient Field Workflows


Posted on August 5th, 2020

Product Updates Q2 2022.

Curious what we’ve released in our product lately? We’ve gathered everything that’s new to help keep you up to date on all things Raken—so you can continue to streamline your processes and get back to building faster.

Improvements to Safety features

Added COVID-19 Toolbox Talks

With the current pandemic, it has become crucial for construction companies to ramp up safety and documentation protocols. Thanks to our friends at NECA, we added five toolbox talks specifically for COVID-19 directly in our app:

  • COVID-19 and Other Communicable Diseases

  • What to Do if You Develop Symptoms of COVID-19

  • Social Distancing for Protection

  • COVID-19 Worksite Safety Recommendations

  • Guidelines on Decontamination

Check out the full list of toolbox talks included in Raken, then see how to schedule them for your crews.

Additional COVID-19 Daily Survey Template

To help further improve communication and documentation, we added some COVID-19 safety questions to our daily survey—and made the template available for anyone to use for free in our app.

This survey is a quick way for you to keep an accurate account of what happened each day—all your field crew has to do is select their answers and add any notes, then the answers are automatically categorized in your Daily Report. Applying this template means you’ll have access to the default questions Raken provides and the additional COVID-19 questions.

covid survey in Raken app.

Learn how you can set the template up company-wide.

New Production Tracking feature


In March, we officially released Equipment—our latest addition to Production Tracking. This feature gives you better visibility into equipment usage across all your projects in one central place. By having this visibility, you can improve productivity while making sure you are maximizing the use of your owned and rented equipment.

screenshots of equipment management features in Raken.

Read more about our equipment management software, then get started by creating your first Equipment log.

The Integrations hub got a facelift

Did you know that Raken integrates with other construction, cloud storage, and accounting tools? Now it’s even easier to streamline your processes by eliminating the need to switch apps.

With an improved look, it’s a simpler experience to toggle on/off any of our integrations and syncs—giving you access to more information, faster. Learn more about our Integrations here, or check it out directly in the Integrations tab of Raken.

Integration Hub in Raken web app.

Features currently in beta (and coming soon!)


Jobsite documentation is about to get more collaborative. We're excited to announce a new daily reporting feature that will allow field teams to submit multiple daily reports on a project per day by shift, supervisor, building, phase, and more. Check out this support article to learn more about this feature and to apply to try it on a project.

Selecting an employee's daily report in Raken.

Subcontractor Report Approvals

We’re also making some enhancements to our Super Daily feature by giving admins the ability to approve subcontractors daily reports. If this feature is something you’d like to test and provide feedback on, sign up to join the beta by selecting “Subcontractor Report Approvals” from the dropdown menu on the form.

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