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Raken + Ryvit: The Power of Connection in Construction


Posted on February 15th, 2022

Raken + Ryvit.

Staying connected makes our lives easier—especially at work. In an increasingly remote world, it’s essential to communicate project updates as fast as possible. That way, everyone is on the same page (even in different parts of the world).

How can strong communication benefit your company? Does construction tech make it easier? (Spoiler alert: It does.) Keep reading to find out—and learn why we partner with Ryvit to streamline your workflows.

Why is communication important in construction?

From field crews to office teams

Being out in the field is the best way to know how a project is going. When you’re on the jobsite, you can see the physical progress for yourself—and ask around if you’re not sure about something. But if you can’t make the trip (and you don’t have a good way to communicate with crews), you’ll be stuck at the office and out of the loop.

Construction tech like Raken gives field crews an easy way to document their progress. Since the office gets field data in real time, there’ll be more visibility all around. That means better production tracking, improved projects, and more timely ways to support field crews.

From office teams to clients

Just like office teams, clients also need to stay updated on projects. Clients know what they want out of a project (after all, they’ve signed the contract too). If their expectations aren’t met, your company could see a lot of rework, unexpected costs, or even litigation.

In Raken, contractors can share professional, branded PDF reports with stakeholders. These reports include daily progress, time and date-stamped photos, and any additional notes. By keeping clients informed, you’ll build trust and rapport with them.

From construction tech to construction tech

For many construction companies, the best tech means a mix of tools. Best-in-breed solutions are designed for a specific workflow, so you know you’re getting a thoughtful solution for your business needs. That’s why integrations are key to building a tech stack.

When your favorite construction apps can communicate with one another, you save everyone more time. You reduce manual entry. You get more accurate data. And we built Raken with that in mind—making it easy to connect to other solutions, just like our partner Ryvit.

What makes Raken + Ryvit so powerful?

We work with Ryvit to help contractors collect better field data and streamline payroll.

Ryvit built the first iPaaS (or, Integration Platform as a Service) for AEC to version-forward dataflow in construction. They have more than 1,000 connectors running on their platform, and have saved teams 400,000+ hours annually.

How do our integrations work?

  1. Collect field data (including time cards) with Raken.

  2. Import time data into your accounting software, powered by Ryvit.

  3. Process payroll faster.

Currently, Ryvit connects us to Sage 300 CRE and Viewpoint Vista—soon to be followed by Sage 100 Contractor and Viewpoint Spectrum. We believe that payroll (and tech) shouldn’t take a toll on your team—and we work hard so you don’t have to.

Here’s what Mike Cisar, Director of Customer Journey at Ryvit, has to say about our integration:

"Raken and Ryvit have successfully delivered a robust integration profile around Raken’s core tools. As a result, Raken has massively increased speed to market, kept overhead low, and maintained focus on the core competencies that make their tools stand out from the pack. For end users, this ensures continuity in security, data normalization, and service uptime standards across the network.

GCs, Subs, Architects, Engineers, and Owners will all benefit when secure, point-in-time data-sharing is a normal occurrence across all stages of the project lifecycle. Ryvit’s iPaaS—with amazing solutions like Raken—is helping that vision become reality."

Want to learn more about our partnership with Ryvit?

Watch these on-demand webinars to see how Raken and Ryvit work together for:

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