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Streamline Payroll With Raken + QuickBooks Online


Posted on August 10th, 2022

Raken & Quickbooks Online.

QuickBooks Online helps you manage your project finances and pay your workforce. However, the process for getting accurate data from the jobsite to payroll systems to pay everyone on time can be difficult and time-consuming.

We’ve partnered with QuickBooks Online to streamline how companies collect (and sync) their time cards. Our integration makes it easy for QuickBooks Online and Raken customers to process more accurate payroll—and eliminate the need for manual or double entry.

The best part? Setting it up is easy and takes just a few clicks.

How does the integration work?

Once connected, all of your selected Workers and Projects will sync from QuickBooks Online to Raken in near real time. Time card data entered in Raken will be sent back to QuickBooks Online, too.

By pairing QuickBooks Online with Raken’s project and time data, you can streamline workflows and save time:

  • Use Raken’s mobile app to collect time cards and jobsite data

  • Sync your Raken field data to QuickBooks Online

  • Lock time cards in Raken

  • Run payroll and reports in QuickBooks Online

  • Minimize errors caused by manual or double entry

Raken + QuickBooks Online

screenshot of raken and quickbooks online integration on laptop.

Get started with the QuickBooks Online integration

Ready for a more painless payroll process? Check out our support article to get started (a Pro or Performance plan is required).

If you’re new to Raken or looking to upgrade your account, our team would love to show you the integration in a personalized demo.

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