The Perfect Construction Time Card Template

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Time cards, daily time sheets, call them what you will.. they are a crucial part of the construction process, but the tedious work and time constraints of this process prove to be a real headache for anyone in an administrative or management roll in the construction industry. The simple truth is that you need workers on your site and those workers need to be paid. At Raken, our job is to help you do your job faster, more efficiently, and without the headache from reporting worker hours at a construction site. Paper time cards are a thing of the past and with so many important tasks to take care of, you don't have time to be spending hours each day recording hours, allocating cost codes, and dividing up regular and overtime hours by hand. With that being said, at Raken, making time-saving software that is easy to use is what we do and time cards are no exception. We have created the perfect construction time card template for you as the perfect way to transition from paper time cards to an easy-to-use mobile solution.

The Essentials of a Construction Time Card Template

There are various parts of construction time cards that are essential for proper reporting. Without the main components of a construction time card, a whole lot can go wrong such as payroll not functioning correctly, estimations getting skewed, workers not getting paid, or workers getting paid more or less than they should. These are the few but necessary parts of a construction time card template that cannot be overlooked:

  • Worklog Type

  • First and Last Name

  • Assignable Cost Codes

  • Hours Worked (RT, DT, OT)

Raken provides a time card app for construction where you have all of these important aspects in one place, ready and easy to input.

mobile screenshots of creating time card in the Raken app

Time Card Management Has Never Been Easier

No more writing down time sheet notes or trying to track worker hours on some piece of 2x4 laying around the jobsite. No more messing around with stressing over keeping track of paper documents and fearing the possibility of losing recorded worker hours. With Raken Time Cards, inputing hours for individual workers or entire crews on your construction site is easier than ever. Inside each project in your Raken app, you can click into the work log, add the name of the worker or crew, assign specific hours and cost codes, and if needed, add a description for the work log entry. Boom, it's as simple as that! Tasks such as splitting hours, creating new cost codes, and adding new crews to work logs are also easily done at the touch of a finger in the Raken app. You may be questioning how this process can be so simple and easy with Raken's app. Well if we haven't convinced you yet, here is a quick video showing you how it's done:

Streamline Your Payroll Process In The Office

Raken Time Cards wouldn't be complete without a totally streamlined process in the office. If you're a project manager or payroll administrator, you know that doing payroll by hand is undoubtedly a tedious, time-exhausting process. The beauty of Raken's software is that the time card information recorded in the field is sent straight to the office in a standardized Excel format, making payroll a consistently seamless process. Do you like being ahead of the game? Perfect. Raken's Time Card software allows you to program your reports to come to you before you even get to the office on the morning of payroll.

screenshot of Raken timesheets

In the famous words of some corny tv infomercial... but wait, there's more! Not only does Raken streamline the flow of time cards from the jobsite to the office, but daily reporting with Raken is also seamlessly integrated within this process. Filling out both daily reports and time cards are crucial daily activities on a construction site and you can do both within minutes by filling out a complete daily report in the Raken app. Our software makes these reporting tasks easy, clean, and simple while cutting out a large percentage of the time they take to complete.

Efficient, high quality work is the name of the game in construction and it's important to be able to focus on the task at hand: your project. What you don't need to spend your energy worrying about is payroll, daily time sheets, and daily reports. Enter Raken. This is where we help you focus less on small reporting tasks so that you can focus more on getting quality work done on the job. Being the most simple and easy-to-use cure for the pains of paper time cards and daily reports, Raken's software is a no-brainer and will save you exponential amounts of time and money. Would you like to see it for yourself? Download the app and get a free trial to see what our solution is all about.