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Three Reasons Why Superintendents Need the Raken App


Posted on April 11th, 2017

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Raken software is revolutionizing the construction industry with its advanced field management solutions for superintendents. With that being said, here are three reasons why superintendents need the Raken app and its No. 1 daily reporting software, proven to make better construction superintendents.

1. Mobility in App Technology

The Raken App allows superintendents to walk job sites free of the cumbersome clipboard, papers and pencils that have long been standard accessories for tracking progress on projects big and small. Short on wallboard? Note it on your tablet, phone or laptop. Want more collaboration with subcontractors? Do so with our Super Daily!

Project managers also have the ability to monitor and update multiple job sites from their offices – or their homes.

2. Save Time With Tech

Time is money, and the Raken App can help you keep more in your pocket.

Superintendents can eliminate an average of an hour a day from their workloads – and avoid the tiresome end-of-day task that paper reporting requires.

“Raken has removed the daily headache of writing everything out and then transferring it to my laptop every evening,” says Mario Rico, superintendent of Streamline Finishes.

So use that free hour however you want: Spend it with your family, spend more time onsite, or catch up on some nagging tasks.

3. Reduce Costly Litigation

If a worker drops a load of rebar on his foot, or takes a tumble from a ladder, the incident can instantly be recorded and documented to avoid any workplace compensation issues.

You can also track persistent job site infractions that might expose yourself to liability. Record incidents at the drop of a hat with the Raken App.

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