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Top 10 Construction Companies in the USA


Posted on July 10th, 2015

top 10 construction companies in the us.
Excavator on construction site.

There are a lot of construction firms in the United States, but who ranks among the top 10 construction companies?

10. Bechtel Group Inc., San Francisco, CA

One of the world's largest engineering and construction firms, Bechtel has been in business since 1898, and currently has more than fifty thousand employees working on close to a thousand projects around the world. Bechtel works on projects of all sizes, and has developed Six Sigma, a problem solving program to help it in its efforts.

9. Fluor Corporation, Irvine, CA

One of the world's largest publicly owned firms in the industry, Fluor specializes in construction, engineering, procurement, and maintenance services. A company with an international reputation for safety, Fluor maintains twenty five offices on six continents, and is a frequent Top Ten Construction Companies finalist for “Building Design” competitions.

8. Skanska Incorporated, Greenwich, CT

This company with roots in Northern Europe specializes in creating environmentally correct home and business environments. It has more than seventy one thousand employees worldwide, with recent expansions into South America and Asia.

7. Centex Construction Group, Dallas TX

This company specializes in building large scale public areas, which include hospitals, hotels, offices, sporting areas, and industrial parks. It's is a previous winner of Fortune magazine's "Most Admired Company In America" award. Texas Stadium and Boston City Hall are among its past projects.

6. The Turner Corporation, New York City, NY

One of the Big Apple's leading construction firms, Turner provides construction and other building services to clients.

5. Halliburton, Houston TX

Getting its start in the early days of the western oil rush, this company not surprisingly is one of the world's largest providers of services to the world's petroleum and energy companies.

4. Peter Kiewit Sons, Inc.

This employee owned company has been in business since 1884 and specializes in construction and mining.

3. Washington Group International, Inc. Boise, Idaho

Formed following a 2000 merger by Raytheon and Knudson, this company specializes in large scale projects including building and energy.

2. J.A. Jones, Inc. Charlotte, NC

This growing company focuses on building services and acquisitions, in addition to real estate management and leasing.

1. Bovis Lend Lease New York City, NY

This company has twenty five offices internationally, and focuses on real estate's "changing dynamics". It’s considered one of the world’s leading major construction companies and project management firms.

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