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The Top 10 User Forms in Raken


Posted on March 6th, 2024

top ten user forms in Raken.

Did you know you can upload your company’s documents directly to Raken to share, edit, and annotate forms right in our web and mobile app?

This month, we added the ability to turn your existing forms into digital templates. Create templates from existing documents to save time and make sure everyone in the field and office has access to the forms they need on every project, no matter where they are or what device they’re using. 

To celebrate this upgrade, check out the top ten types of forms our customers have loaded into Raken. Then, add your own forms to quickly access and keep all project documentation in the same place as daily reports, checklists, time cards, and all your vital data.

The top 10 user forms in Raken

1. JHA and risk assessment forms

A job hazard analysis (JHA) or risk assessment form is used to identify and document hazards on the jobsite.

2. Equipment inspection form

Equipment inspection forms are used to ensure all equipment is properly inspected before use.

3. Expense report form

An expense report form tracks spend to help businesses manage budgets.

4. Change order form

A change order form captures the details of a change in the scope of work outlined by the project contract. 

5. Material values and order form

Customers use material values and order forms to document material pricing and log purchases.

6. HR forms

Customers upload human resources forms like work releases and absence requests to Raken. 

7. Site readiness and inspection form

A site readiness and inspection form helps crews work through the steps to ensure the jobsite is sufficiently prepared for work to begin.

8. Submittals and templates

Submittal templates are used for standardizing drawings, mock-ups, product specifications, and other types of submittals.

9. Sign-in sheet form

Many customers track attendance for the day or for meetings with a custom form.

10. Time & material form

A time and materials form is used to track resource allocation on the jobsite.

Digitize your file cabinet with Raken

Ditch the paper and simplify your workflows by managing your company’s custom forms in our easy-to-use web and mobile app.

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