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5 Ways Transitioning from Fieldlens to Raken Can Improve Your Workflow


Posted on January 8th, 2021

Construction worker walking through half-constructed building.

With Fieldlens going through changes, you may be looking for new construction software. (Maybe even dreading it.)

Raken’s low implementation time—and high ease of use—will have you back at it in no time. Here are five ways transitioning from Fieldlens to Raken can improve your business operations.

1. Raken is easy to set up, and easy to use

Implementation is one of the biggest headaches of new software. After all, getting everyone up to speed (and comfortable with a new system) is easier said than done.

Raken was built with ease of use in mind. That means little to no implementation time, and limited interruption in gathering data. We also offer personalized onboarding and training to help you and your team get the most out of your software.

If something comes up, our award-winning support team will answer your questions quickly—and work with you to solve any issues.

2. Documentation (and visibility) is better than ever

Like Fieldlens, Raken gives you real-time data on your jobsites. The field app lets your crews capture critical field data in writing—right from their phones.

From time-stamped photos, videos, and attachments to production tracking, documenting your progress is just a few taps away. Working on large-scale projects? Increase collaboration by segmenting your project by manager, or area, for even better insights. Our Super Daily reports make working with external subcontractors easy, too. Index all their individual daily reports on a project into one master doc.

Once dailies are signed off, they’re sent back to the office in a branded PDF report. They’re easy to read and stored in one organized place—meaning you have information on hand to make better decisions faster.

3. Digital checklists and toolbox talks will promote safety, faster

Safety is the top priority in construction, so you want to prepare and empower your teams to work safely.

Raken has digital libraries for both safety checklists and toolbox talks. You can always upload your own, too. Bulk scheduling and digital attendance sheets make safety talks a breeze, without physical paperwork.

With everything on the cloud, you can ensure your teams are compliant with your company’s safety procedures and OSHA requirements. You’ll also have documented proof to protect your business from litigation, disputes, or claims.

4. New integrations are added constantly

We're built to be easy for the field, but we didn’t forget about the office.

New integrations with Raken are constantly in the works, because we believe elevating your tech stack shouldn’t stop with us. More ways to work means more productivity—and better results.

Some of our recent integrations include Procore, Autodesk BIM 360, Points North, and Foundation.

5. We go the extra mile for you

In 2020, we were recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation.

G2 also awarded us with:

  • Best Usability for Summer 2020

  • High Performer for Winter 2021

  • Easiest Admin for Winter 2021

That’s because we’re always thinking of new ways to connect the field to the office as seamlessly as possible.

Get started quickly with Raken Ready to get the transition rolling? Let’s talk business. (Yours.)

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