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Alta Construction Saves Clients Time and Money with Raken

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Alta Construction, Inc., has perfected the difficult task of working as part of a much larger machine. Just take a look at the clients they often work with: big box retailers from Bloomingdales to Macy's. Building out a department store or premiere office space requires the coordination of many different moving parts. From bidding, budgeting, and estimating in the pre-construction phase to working closely with the client's architectural, engineering, and design teams during construction itself, Alta is responsible for not only getting work done on time with the highest level of quality but also communicating that work to stakeholders. And that's where Raken comes in.

The Pain of Gathering and Distributing Dailies

Alta Construction, Inc. is a nationwide contractor based in Corona, California with offices in Dallas, Texas and New York City. Their clients and projects are even more spread out, with stakeholders in complex projects within and without Alta all needing information into what is happening on site. "Some of the difficulties with the daily reporting is getting all of the information gathered in one location and getting it distributed to our clients every single day" says Tyler Guith, General Superintendent with Alta. In that one sentence Guith has adequately summed up the headache that owners, superintendents, and project managers across the world experience daily: your daily reports come from a dozen different subcontractors and it takes hours to collate those reports into a coherent whole, if it happens at all, then sending the hodgepodge to a client and hoping they can understand the work that went on that day.

The Raken daily reporting app is very efficient to use, it's very transparent for our clients and anyone, regardless of their skill level with technology, has the ability to use the program.
Tyler Guith, General Superintendent
Macy's Westfield.

Transparency for Everyone

When Alta turned to Raken for their daily reporting the first thing they noticed was an increase in transparency across the organization. "Now that we have Raken, everything is centrally located and everyone, from sales to marketing to operations, has this information at the touch of their fingertips wherever they're at," says Guith, noting "the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is I check the dashboard and I get to see nationwide what's going on with every single project, no matter what time the data is logged in." With Raken, not only can Guith get an overview of what is happening across all sites in seconds but the entire organization stays informed on key project milestones.

A Pick-up-and-Go Solution

You would think that increasing transparency in an organization as large and complex as Alta Construction would take months of training and implementation, but by choosing Raken Alta was able to reap the benefits with hours, not days, of training and preparation. "The reason Alta Construction uses the Raken daily reporting app is that it's very efficient to use," says Guith, "anyone, regardless of their skill level with technology, has the ability to use the program."

But did the guys in the field actually enjoy using Raken? "At first, we were a little nervous just because in construction it's been the same way for such a long time" says Anthony Solesbee, Project Superintendent at Alta, "but I can say after using Raken we love it, and you know it was really easy to learn. We had a superintendent meeting, took a couple hours, and everyone had it down. It was that simple."

We're proud of the work we do, and we can be proud of the daily reports that we send because they're so clean. Raken makes our job so much easier.
Anthony Solesbee, Project Superintendent

Saving Clients Money

In addition to easier communication between departments within Alta and clients, using Raken has allowed Alta to prove the quality of the work they do and save their clients time and money. "One of the times that Raken has saved our client a lot of money was on a big box retail store," remembers Guith, "we had a flood, everything needed to be replaced. We created our own Raken job for that specific task, tracked it daily, tracked all the cost, tracked all the manpower, and when the developer came to our client and said 'we're not paying the bill' we clicked, forwarded that information, and the check was cut to our client. There were no questions asked, there was no litigation, all the information was there."

  • Thorough daily reports mean no important information is lost in case of dispute.

  • All important project progress documentation is captured in one place for easy distribution and transparency.

  • Raken's live dashboard provides real-time updates on projects across the country.

Reports That Clients Love

Ultimately, Raken documents the high quality work that Alta Construction has become famous for. It's what has allowed them to expand their scope to a nationwide construction firm, and it's what keeps their large and small clients coming back. "Since using Raken, the reports that we do have gotten so much cleaner, so much better looking, they're so presentable for us to send to our clients" says Solesbee, "the clients love them. They're clean, which is something that we as superintendents can be proud of. Because we're proud of the work that we do, and we can be proud of the daily reports that we send beucase they're so clean. Raken makes our job so much easier."

We are extremely proud to be partnered with a company like Alta Construction. The scope of their services, from pre-construction through construction and project management, all show the high level of quality, integrity, and safety that have come to define Alta as an organization, and Raken provides the proof. To find out more about Alta Construction, Inc., make sure to check out their nationwide construction services online or call 951-279-2762.

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