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How Delta Electrical Inc. Improves Documentation and Payroll with Raken

Delta Electrical is an electrical contractor founded in 2006 that provides services in residential, commercial, and industrial fields in Jackson, TN. Their projects include plan and specs, design and build, and service and maintenance jobs. More than 75% of their business is repeat or referral business—a testament to their commitment to exceptional quality and service.

The problem: Paper documentation leads to mistakes and lack of organization

Before Raken, Delta Electrical was primarily a pen-and-paper company. This often caused gaps in documentation and record-keeping, which created friction for other contractors and Delta Electrical employees alike.

The solution: More reliable documentation and payroll management with Raken

Delta Electrical decided it was time to make a change. They first learned about Raken while at a trade show and almost immediately scheduled a free demo. They liked Raken’s flexibility and decided it was the right fit for their growing company.

“Within just a few days, all of our technicians and job supervisors were on board,” says Brice Meeks, President and Founder of Delta Electrical.

Three years later with Raken, our team would never choose to go back to paper.

Daily reports improve record-keeping and project visibility

One of the biggest benefits of Raken for Delta Electrical is the daily report functionality. Now, it’s easier than ever for their employees to track what’s happening on the jobsite with time-stamped photos and reports that can be uploaded on a daily basis at a fraction of the time it takes to fill out paper reports.

The biggest benefit to electrical contractors is the ease of use to record the documents needed for your company on each project every day.

Digital time cards improve payroll efficiency

By switching to digital time cards, it’s now much faster and more efficient for Delta Electrical to get time cards entered and approved by the right manager. Raken's flexible time tracking solutions empower workers to log hours from any device.

This saves time not only for the accounting and payroll department, but also for the average employee—who no longer has to manually enter their hours from paper forms.

Toolbox talks enable a more proactive approach to safety

Toolbox talks educate employees on critical safety issues to ensure they’re better prepared to prevent and address any safety concerns as they come up. 

With Raken, Delta Electrical can customize and schedule toolbox talks to perfectly suit their unique company needs. Plus, all completed attendance sheets are automatically uploaded to the cloud.  

Improve jobsite efficiency and documentation with Raken

When you maintain better, more accurate records, you can get back to what you do best. Like Delta Electrical, Raken helps electrical contractors avoid gaps in communication and inaccurate reporting. If you’re ready to say goodbye to pen and paper or inefficient solutions, schedule a demo of Raken today!

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