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How Wadman Corp Optimizes Daily Reporting and Payroll with Raken + Sage 300 CRE

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Since 1951, Wadman Corporation has been a leader in construction. The company currently does a significant amount of work in retail across Utah, Nevada, and Arizona—with Walmart being one of their biggest clients. They also specialize in multi-unit residential and hospitality buildings, religious buildings, and credit unions.

The problem: Previous documentation solutions proved insufficient

While Wadman was no stranger to digital tools before Raken, they experienced repeated setbacks. First, their initial software provider shut down, and the next company they tried using wasn’t able to fully meet their needs. 

“It just didn’t hit the mark,” says Tyler Hollon, Director of Construction Technology at Wadman, who has been with the company for 20 years. Wadman Corporation works on an average of 25 projects at the same time—sometimes reaching up to 30—with 11 project managers on staff. Because of this, most “one-size-fits-all” solutions don’t make the cut.

The solution: Easy documentation, reporting, and payroll management

Due to the unique nature of their business, Wadman typically prefers creating in-house solutions rather than going to a third party. However, they decided it was time to start over with their search for a new digital documentation provider.

After evaluating seven different construction tech companies, Raken’s user-focused approach, easily customizable tools, and seamless integration with Sage 300 CRE for payroll ended up being the perfect fit.

Checklists help improve jobsite safety

The most enthusiastic field adoption of Raken came from Wadman’s safety team, who immediately put the tools to good use. From daily safety reports to job-specific and miscellaneous checklists, tracking safety has never been easier for them.

Digital toolbox talks have also made following safety protocol easier for Wadman’s employees. “We’ve loaded in all 32 of our toolbox talks,” Tyler explains. “We’ve got an order that they go in that makes sense for the job, so every week they pop up and they do them. And if they need to make a change, it’s super easy to do.”

Digital time cards help everyone get paid on time

To make time cards more efficient, every Wadman employee has a Raken license so they can conveniently track their own hours—while the Sage 300 CRE integration helps keep data in one place for quick processing. 

Now, approvals happen on Monday, leading to final checks on Tuesday so that payment is ready to go out on Tuesday night. This ensures that employees are always paid on time, even on holidays.

Tracking time in Raken turned out to be a positive benefit for the rest of Wadman’s workflows, too. By requiring employees to open the Raken app at least once per day, it’s easier for them to stay on top of other things in the app like checklists and toolbox talks as well. 

Having the team record their hours daily means everybody has to open the app each day.

Consolidated documentation improves efficiency

Wadman Corporation has been able to significantly improve their company’s efficiency by using Raken. As for Tyler, he appreciates that they can now keep all of their important documents in one place. 

Raken is our source of truth that we can go to.

Optimize jobsite safety and digital documentation with Raken

Like Wadman Corporation, you can ensure that your company operates more efficiently with accurate information by using Raken’s daily reports, optimize jobsite safety with toolbox talks and checklists, and improve your method for tracking employee hours with digital time tracking

Find out more about what Raken can do for you by scheduling a demo today.

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