Using Daily Reports for Legal Protection

According to Arcadis Research's 2016 Global Construction Disputes Report, the average cost of a construction dispute in the U.S. was $25 million and takes over a year to settle in court, a sobering statistic for any general contractor. But there was something else that Arcadis discovered: the most common cause of construction disputes was, essentially, failure to deliver on the contract. The best way to avoid the most common kinds of disputes, they found, was simple. Have consistent, thorough documentation. That's why some of the nation's most successful general contractors are turning to daily reporting apps to win more construction contract dispute cases.

[Raken] has allowed us to easily access data, keeping our field workers on site instead of in the legal office."

Tyler Stewart, Technology Solutions and Training Manager

Raken helps our field workers complete thorough, legally compliant daily reports faster than any other tool

Tyler Stewart, Technology Solutions and Training Manager

Added Benefits of Raken

By adopting time-saving technologies that make it easier to gather information from the field, Sellen and Raken are working together to change the construction landscape of the Pacific Northwest through benefits such as:

- Simplified daily reporting process for increased compliance.

- Time-stamped construction documents safeguard work against litigation.

- Increases exposure and contract with subcontractors, building stronger relationships.

Prove the Quality of your Work

One of the reasons we started Raken was to ease the pressure of creating, collecting, and storing accurate contract documents," says Kyle Slager, founder of Raken, "we're excited to work with Sellen to make sure their documents are created quickly and stored securely so they have the proof they need of the great work they do.

Ultimately that is what construction contract dispute legal cases should be about. If a construction company ever needs to proof of the good work that they do, then a construction daily reporting app like Raken can make all the difference.

For more information, see the official press release announcing Raken's partnership with Sellen.