Excavation Safety Checklist

Excavations are dangerous areas of work that put workers in harms way. Use this checklist as a baseline reference to ensure worker's safety.

Question Response Type
1. Has DigAlert been notified of this work? Yes No N/A
2. If yes, are all the areas of existing utilities accurately represented? Yes No N/A
3. Does the soil show any signs of weakening? ie cracks, sloughing, etc Yes No N/A
4. Is the excavation deeper than 4'? Yes No N/A
5. If yes, what shoring system is being utilized to ensure there are no cave-ins? Text Answer
6. Is there safe access into and out of the excavation? Yes No N/A
7. In case of an emergency, is there a rescue plan in place? Yes No N/A
8. Will there be any hotwork performed inside the excavation? Yes No N/A
9. If so, have measures been taken to ensure that oxygen levels stay at appropriate levels? Yes No N/A

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