Fire Safety Inspection Checklist

Fire Life Safety Inspections incorporate various construction disciplines. This checklist will help as a reference to capture pertinent failure points in these types of inspections.

Question Response Type
1. Has the fire alarm subcontractor performed their pre-test to ensure that all devices are named appropriately to match specific areas and room numbers? Yes No N/A
2. If yes, have they also performed a battery backup test of their equipment? Yes No N/A
3. Has the HVAC subcontractor performed a test with the Fire Alarm Subcontractor to ensure that the mechanical systems react appropriately in a fire scenario? Yes No N/A
4. Are all paths of egress from the inspection are free and clear of material and debris? Yes No N/A
5. Are all egress pathway doors fully functional with panic bars, locking mechanisms, magnetic locks, etc (as required by plans and specifications)? Yes No N/A
6. Are all rooms, exits and areas appropriately labelled to coincide with the fire alarm system? Yes No N/A
7. Have all specific jurisdiction requirements been researched, identified and verified before the inspection? Yes No N/A

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