Forklift Checklist

Forklifts are an essential piece of equipment to improve material handling activites, but cause dangers when not adequately operated, maintained or inspected. The operation of loading and unloading equipment when not performed by a competent person can cause serious injury.

Question Response Type
1. Confirm who is operating the forklift. Text Answer
2. Is the operator qualified and trained to use the forklift? Yes No N/A
3. Does the equipment require maintenance or service? Yes No N/A
4. Does the operator have a spotter/flagger to assist in navigation? Yes No N/A
5. Has the operator verified the weight of the material or equipment to be picked against the capacity of the forklift? Yes No N/A
6. Is the pallet in good condition to ensure safe loading and unloading? Yes No N/A
7. Is the pathway of the forklift clear of any obstacles on the ground and overhead? Yes No N/A

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