Safety Harness Inspection Checklist

Fall Protection is critical when exposing oneself to any height above 6'. Utilize this checklist, as a reference, to ensure appropriate inspection and use of a fall arrest system, or safety harness.

Question Response Type
1. What type of surface will you be performing work from? ie. scissor lift, leading edge, scaffold, etc Text Answer
2. What type of personal fall arrest system will you be utilizing in addition to your harness? ie. yoyo, lanyard, lifeline, etc Text Answer
3. Is there an engineered tie-off point that is rated for a minimum of 5000lbs to attach to? Yes No N/A
4. Is your harness free of any visible damage, cuts, abrasions, or fraying? Yes No N/A
5. Is the harness adjusted to fit snug across your legs, chest and torso? Yes No N/A
6. Are all excess straps tucked-in or doubled back to ensure no loose fabric? Yes No N/A
7. Have you been trained on emergency procedures in the case that the safety harness is used? Yes No N/A

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