Scaffold Safety Checklist

Scaffolds provide an elevated platform to access labor-intensive work but when improperly installed and inspected can pose hazardous threats to those working on or around them.

Question Response Type
1. Is the scaffold green tagged? Yes No N/A
2. Are there any visible gaps or openings in scaffold platform? Yes No N/A
3. Are all guardrails and toe boards in place to ensure you will be protected while working from scaffold? Yes No N/A
4. If guardrails are not feasible on this scaffold do you have a fall protection plan? Yes No N/A
5. Are there any visible scaffold structural elements or cross bracing missing? Yes No N/A
6. Is the ladder access to the scaffold in good condition? Are there any visibile defects or damage? Yes No N/A
7. Is the scaffold rated for all personnel, equipment and tools that need to be utilized for this task? If unsure, please check with the competent person responsible for this scaffold. Yes No N/A
8. Are the workers who will be accessing the scaffold trained to work on scaffold? Yes No N/A

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