Welding (Hot Work) Safety Checklist

The hot work checklist is a reference that will help ensure others on the jobsite are protected and the risk of fire danger is reduced.

Question Response Type
1. Please define the area of work. Text Answer
2. What task is being performed and what type of fire hazard is being created? Multiple Choice
3. Has a test been performed to ensure there are no gas fumes in the area? Yes No N/A
4. Is the Fire Alarm system disabled? Yes No N/A
5. If not, are the smoke detectors covered? Yes No N/A
6. Is there a fire extinguisher allocated for this specific task? Yes No N/A
7. Will this work cause a hazard to others working in this area? Yes No N/A
8. If yes, what measures are being taken to protect adjacent workers? Text Answer
9. If this work involves flammable gas tanks and supply lines, what measures are being taken to protect the lines from the hot work? Text Answer

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