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Construction Daily Report Template

Download this free construction daily report template for Excel to use on your next construction project—and learn how software can help.

Download our free construction daily report excel template

Fill out the form to download our construction daily log template as an editable excel document. We’ll also email you a copy.

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Using this construction daily report template

Report on work, time, materials, and equipment in as much detail as you like, then add your signature and you’re done. For more info on filling out this template, check out our blog on how to write a daily report. Attach photos to share progress and highlight critical details.

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Daily Construction Report Template FAQs

A construction daily report (also known as a construction daily log, construction reports, or “dailies”) is a document that tells the story of what happened on a jobsite each day. It indicates who was on-site, what they did, hours worked, and how much progress was made. These daily logs also highlight any accidents, issues, or delays that occurred that day on the jobsite.

Writing daily reports can be time-consuming, so construction daily report templates aim to make that process easier. Instead of having to constantly reinvent the wheel each time you sit down to write a report, templates guide you through the process with an easy-to-use format… which saves a lot of time (and frustration)!

You can download our free daily construction report template as an editable excel document. Simply go down the list and plug in information on work, time, materials, and equipment. Then, add your signature at the bottom. You can print it out or save and email the file to clients or the office.

Our construction daily log template can be used by nearly anyone who fills out a daily progress report, including construction superintendents, project managers, general contractors, and subcontractors.

Report easily from the field with mobile construction reporting software

Create your daily report in Raken right from the field. Use Raken's construction daily reporting app to add work logs, write notes, attach photos, complete surveys, track time, document safety talks, and track production all from your mobile device.

  • Complete and send daily reports right on your mobile

  • Compile daily reports from each subcontractor

  • Increase visibility and compliance on the jobsite

Raken daily construction report app.

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